Sunday, December 14, 2008

All I Want for Christmas- DW version

I think everyone on the rainy team should do a Christmas list- Christmas is only a short 2 weeks away and I love it. Christmas for me is basically a scramble of food (prawns and cherries) and decorations and love. It brings so much excitement and happiness to so many people, from all races, religions- everyone. So this is my dream list, 8 things that would be mine if magic was real :) (read: money and bribing and kidnapping was of no issue)

In no particular order:

1. Homeroom 2 finger ring, in silver, $94
I actually went to Incu to try them on, they're in the men's jewellery section. Alas, my puny fingers dont fit, but online there are a range of sizes, from 6 to a massive 11.5 i think. SO PRETTY. I'm definately going to find lots of cool rings on my asia trip this time.

2. Themepark assault at the Goldcoast (hopefully this one will happen in Feb!)
J and I are planning a trip. I've always wanted to go to the goldcoast again before I get massively old, it just seems like the right time to go, especially since uni is starting and everyone is going away for exchange/work.

3. Alexander Wang leather backpack

I don't know why I like ugly things. But this leather baby is definately my alternative to the daily black bag for uni. My shoulders hurt too much for shoulder/tote bags. BACKPACK ME.

Actually. Maybe all of the Alexander Wang resort 09 collection, even the ugly thermal onesie.

4. Shu Uemura lashes
Definately getting these in HK. But not the obnoxiously hideous pube-like brown ones. ew.

5. Model from below post (Chris and Tibor)..drool (Sorry E, I still love you)

6. Bags of all colours from Net-a-porter and Mulberry,
even though I would prefer shoes.. actually maybe all the shoes as well. +marni ugly sandals from last last season.

7. Cherries + Canon EOS 40D
I want to steal my dad's EOS-1ds mark II. He won't let me. Plus it's peak time for cherries.

8. Simone Shailes for top shop cardigan, £250
I think this might be a little too extravagant for something that I would wear maybe 4 times. But it's so prettttyyy and crazy and delicious.

Now for the rest of the rainy team, waiting for your lists guys!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chris and Tibor

Am I the only person that didn't look at the bag first, and looked at the impossibly good looking model?

Launched in the summer of 2005, CHRIS&TIBOR is a young London label offering bags that are sporty and retro, cutting edge and classic, luxurious and casual. The brand is also the result of fashion designer Chris Liu’s quest for the perfect gym bag. Dissatisfied with what was on the market he decided to hand make his own. This prototype soon attracted the attention of graphic designer Tibor Matyas who saw the potential for a men's bag collection.

Encouraged by the popularity of their product among friends the East London based duo decided to design a mini collection which was instantly snapped up by Harvey Nichols Hong Kong and Japanese retail giant United Arrows. Their AW06/07 offering was what the two call their first "proper collection". It was also promptly selected by Pitti Uomo to be part of the hugely popular and highly influential trade show's New Beats area.

"We live in East London, we design in East London and we produce in East London" confirm the designers who both used to work as design consultants for the quintessentially British brand Burberry Prorsum. "We name all our bags after streets, areas or buildings in East London and the City".

AW07/08 will see the brand's eagerly awaited first women's collection. "We have not totally changed our product to make it very obviously feminine. That's not what our female customers want", they say. Instead they kept their silhouettes but opted for softer leathers, smaller sizes and subtly feminine touches.

-Text and photos from Totem

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ella Ella Ellery

Here they are:

The Ellery boots that I ordered about a month and a half ago. Custom made to my measurements. The boots are made out of black suede, gold leather and mass studs taht can be detached and re-attached on to the other side for an even higher-thigh effect. I'm so excited, I can't wait to wear them out when it's a cool night, with a short little dress or tights. ARGH so excited!

Everyone, please check ellery out at coolest boots ever!

Also, they have the meanest dresses and accessories. Former market editor for RUSSH Australia, Kym Ellery, is a true genius.

Boots: Dahto for Ellery, RRP $1500

Friday, December 5, 2008

No Freaking way!

This is Snejana: she is massive in the fashion world.
This proves that with a little bit of styling, awesome photography and lots of money, we all have a chance at stardom.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris

Everyone knows that I'm a massive fan of Terry Richardson. He recently did a photoshoot for Australian Brand Calibre- what a smart idea for them to have ready to grab catalogues near the door?
What's even more genius? Carine Roitfeld + Terry Richardson + LV lingerie = ABSOLUTE SEX

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blank Label

Preliminary shots for Blank Label shoot. Blazer, Blank Label; Singlet, AA; Tights, Topshop.
Shame it was a gloomy day. Everybody watch this space! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ring/Shoe Me

Chronicles of Never- Gareth Moody (Ex-Tsubi, yes, tsubi)
I can't wait till I get my grubby fingers onto one of these babies, geometric shapes, dirty metal, sharp lines. Sex much?

But I have to save money.. Ellery Awaits. (Will post on this exciting news once I stop hyperventilating). If you guys are still curious, google "Kym Ellery" (Ex-Russh, yes, EX)

Edit: Some shoes (excluding thongs + Connies) @ Erics House.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Everyone should go see wall-e. It made me cry. Like all other movies, but this one is different. I promise.

Onto more UNINSPIRING news, Chloe looks like a pasta-bake. Ravioli anyone? Click on images to see the pasta up close and personal. Hannah MacGibbon in her first season for chloe-wasn't too bad, and definately not as bad as I make it out to be (bar the pasta-like creations). Some were inspiring, the white dress in the collage below included. DELICIOUS much? Like Marc Jacobs. But I guess it's a good thing that Chloe's been brought back to an affordable (ish) house, a far cry from the ridiculous 6000dollar dresses that were tres plain. Let's see what Hannah has in store for us in the latter seasons.

Marchesa by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Georgina is the designer of this luscious house, and is also married to HARVEY WEINSTEIN. Yes, the fat man who is worth hundreds of millions from his movie franchises. UGH. But I've loved Marchesa since their first collection which inspired Chic Collections in Sydney to make that dress that I bought and wore for my year 12 formal. Same dress, an eighth (or something) of the price. (but still the same price as a pair of Chanal Optics... sigh*)

More POLITICS TO COME. Everyone go on youtube and watch Jon Stewart. Type "palin" and "jon stewart" or alternatively type "obama" and "letterman" and watch his hilarious interview.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


My Favourite Collection for RTW (Ready-To-Wear for Noobs) is BALMAIN. Can I say SEX much? It combines everything that is cool- bandage, black, metal, tie-dye (only cool in monochrome), rips, zips, leather, sexy jewel-tones. GIMME GIMME MORE.

Honourable mentions: YSL, Stella McCartney (Click images for greater detail)
YSL is so sexy. Soft silhouettes with a hint of transparency and fluid shapes.

Stella McCartney is the only person that makes my most hated "safari" theme bearable and lust-worthy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Frames


THE WALLET CAME- it's a darker pink that the pictures below. how decieving! but it's still delicious:)
The new glasses:

Chanel Style 3130

Everytime you see me, remind me about them so I don't lose them ok?

"Dai Wen, have you got your glasses with you? DON'T FORGET"

I hate how glasses cost a fortune :( but they're so worth it. I get them on Wednesday! Woooo! (my thingie is 0.25.. I suck. HA at least i'm not blind WOO)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Wallet

Thanks to MW for giving me the link to awesome sale- I bought this wallet:

but the only images I could find were from this dodgy site.. so it's in the mail and this isn't the actual wallet.

Mulberry Leigh Long Wallet in Fuschia! for HALF PRICE
= 125pounds + 17.50 shipping= 142.50 pounds

I think I need more monetary expenditures to KILL MY NEED TO KILL MYSELF after the stupid exam today :(

I hate life.
Life sucks.
I suck at life.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Alexander Revolution

So there's this little asian man called Alexander Wang, and he's sort of a big deal. Here is a chronologically ordered photoshop pic:

He's just shown in New York for Spring 08-09 and added some colours like POP GOES THE WEASEL! Delicious peaches and dreamy teals added to the uniform black and white.

Find Alexander Wang on:,, just to name a few, although Shopbop is by far the most comprehensive. Beautiful Boots and Bags and Luscious Leather and Distressed Denim and Exposed Zippers- Gimme more!
Did I mention that Erin Wasson contributes?
... Marry me?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Material Girl

EDIT: THE LEGGINGS CAME and are SEXUAL but the XS is soo small. and its high waisted. so it takes me about 5 Solid minutes to get it over my ass. ... :( but the legs fit fine. i think next time i should obviously go for SMALL. HAHA. but they are SEXUAL.

I need a new wallet. I've had my current wallet for 4 years (obviously I haven't always used it on a regular basis) but it's nearing the end of its days.

And I need new flats.

But I've bought lots of shoes (all for under $28 each- AWESOME: check out It's got lots of shitty hooker-come-hither shoes, and obviously the quality won't be faaaan-tastic, but the prices are fun-tastic, and I was in Myer the other day. SAW these shoes, for AUD$184, but I bought it for US$21. WOO. The shipping costs are ridiculous ($40 for under 150)- but if you average it out, you still make a MASSIVE saving. I bought 6 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of sunnies for around $150- INSANE.

There's alot of hype about I did the same order- 4 times. and each time they rejected me (ie. cancelled my order) because I "didn't give them sufficient identification". WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. Forever21 I'll admit, is massively cheap and has more "fashionable" things, but the drama annoyed me forever..

American Apparel. Also sucks ASS. But I always go back- I can't resist the "Sexuali" singlet and the awesome sales and the leggings and the INTERLOCK MINI SKIRT (which is waaaaay sexual). But I ordered a pair of these maybe 5 months ago, on sale, free shipping, AND THEY SENT ME THE WRONG ONES. I called them IN AMERICAN TIME and they said they would send me replacements. It's been 2 months since that fateful night, and no VEGAS leggings are to be seen!
Ridiculous! BOYS- everything is awesome. JL needs to buy shoes. His birthday is coming up. In a week. SHOES SHOES SHOES. :) PLEASE NOT THESE.

I went shopping with my dad the other day, and I didn't. Buy. ANything. Except for the latest issue of Russh. I just thought everything was too expensive- and I kept on thinking about the list of sites that would sell the same thing for cheaper, much like a mini rolla-dex of online stores. E-commerce has opened my eyes, and now I don't want to buy anything over $50 unless its REALLY special and Australian.

My favourites (in no particular order):
Awesome PictureSites:

just before exams :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Secret Garden

These are old, (can tell by the old hair, but I still love them nonetheless). Remember The secret garden? That was one of my favourite movies when I was a little girl- (lol at my shoe in the second pic, you can still see the price sticker)

American Apparel Grey top, Sportsgirl belt, Forever New black bandage zip skirt, Sportsgirl Brown YSL Tribute shoe knockoff heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs Black tote

So my new haircut is giving me the shits. It always gets in my eyes, so I have to keep on flicking it, and then it becomes a side-swept fringe anyway. UGH. And, no one ever recognises me at uni. ...

Also, I've been inspired by TARGET- I want their SHOES!
I'll keep updating on that matter soon! Once I get my grubby hands on them SANDALS! :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fringe, do the twist

Told you I was back.

Topshop fringe dress- $80, Nine West Suede boots- $90

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jail Stripes

Yellow Sass&Bide knit dress- $175, Black Satin Givenchy Heels- $170, White Perforated Fendi Tote- $2000

Ugh. Cold weather. How I hate you sometimes.

But today was warm and inviting, and I had to do a fashion shoot, now that uni has started and I can start procrastinating again. It also helps that E is back and can be my photographer/stylist.

Enjoy folks,