Sunday, February 22, 2009


Topshop Jumper come to mumma- please come in the mail safely- please Mr Postman don't lose it. Please please please!

Alexander Wang, why do you make such beautiful clothes? Why are they so damn expensive. BLANK LABEL PLEASE MAKE ME THIS JACKET PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Opening Ceremony Opening


Friday, February 13, 2009

Be my valentine

So I'm sure everyone knows that Valentine's Day is coming up. (right guys?)

I can't remember the last time anyone has done anything for V-day. Maybe in highschool when we sent roses and heart shaped balloons and serenaded strangers?

But what do we give our valentines now that we've all (mostly) grown up?
Roses? Chocolates? Lingerie?
But what if your heart gets broken into a million pieces?Then what do you do?


Friday, February 6, 2009

Some things I bought


Ok so here are some things that I bought before/in HK (except my name on my wall- that was a present from N + J from last year)

  • Leather Jacket on sale but still too expensive :( = HKD1400
  • Dior Homme Jeans HKD3400 :(I think I was super excited that they had men's jeans in my size and that the interior was super nice and the man kept on finding jeans in my size so I felt obliged to buy them. E bought a pair too, his are nicer, and cheaper to boot. Do I wear them and soak them in the bath tub? I have no idea. But I might as well right.. if they stretch then I either hve to get fat or give them to E again... Can anyone tell me how please?
  • Chloe shoes with perspex heel- USD... I don't remeber, but I bought it online from some hawaiian shop called Aloha Rag normally a super expensive place but it was on sale, I had previously wanted these in Black from netaporter but super expensive. AND THEN THE AUD/USD RAPED ME. :( oh wells.
  • Jimmy CHoooooooo!= 50% off on sale HKD1620 supercute. Also swayed by C family to buy from the Elements Store.
  • THE OTHER DAY IN SINGAPORE I SAW YSL FLATS FOR SGD186! in MY SIZE. but they were fluro yellow- so I hesitated. Plus the store had this mainlander lady who bought a heap of shit. and she was wearing D&G blinged glasses, Chanel Bag and the Prada blinged up teddy bear tshirt- ugh.
  • So all in all I didn't really buy much, I bought some H&M stuff including strange drop crotch pants, scarf, cardigan.. actually everything I bought from other stores were black or white. Oh and I bought a cuff from Fendi, just single strap with that gold horse thingie. Hermes, why are you so expensive now :( PLUS I GOT JIPPED since the cuff was cheaper in Sydney, since our exchange rate RAPES ME.
  • :(
Happy Holidaying!

Oh, go to :) and get the invitation code from FashionSquad- super fun!
and theselby for awesome pics of famous people and their spaces, truly beautiful pics.