Friday, February 6, 2009

Some things I bought


Ok so here are some things that I bought before/in HK (except my name on my wall- that was a present from N + J from last year)

  • Leather Jacket on sale but still too expensive :( = HKD1400
  • Dior Homme Jeans HKD3400 :(I think I was super excited that they had men's jeans in my size and that the interior was super nice and the man kept on finding jeans in my size so I felt obliged to buy them. E bought a pair too, his are nicer, and cheaper to boot. Do I wear them and soak them in the bath tub? I have no idea. But I might as well right.. if they stretch then I either hve to get fat or give them to E again... Can anyone tell me how please?
  • Chloe shoes with perspex heel- USD... I don't remeber, but I bought it online from some hawaiian shop called Aloha Rag normally a super expensive place but it was on sale, I had previously wanted these in Black from netaporter but super expensive. AND THEN THE AUD/USD RAPED ME. :( oh wells.
  • Jimmy CHoooooooo!= 50% off on sale HKD1620 supercute. Also swayed by C family to buy from the Elements Store.
  • THE OTHER DAY IN SINGAPORE I SAW YSL FLATS FOR SGD186! in MY SIZE. but they were fluro yellow- so I hesitated. Plus the store had this mainlander lady who bought a heap of shit. and she was wearing D&G blinged glasses, Chanel Bag and the Prada blinged up teddy bear tshirt- ugh.
  • So all in all I didn't really buy much, I bought some H&M stuff including strange drop crotch pants, scarf, cardigan.. actually everything I bought from other stores were black or white. Oh and I bought a cuff from Fendi, just single strap with that gold horse thingie. Hermes, why are you so expensive now :( PLUS I GOT JIPPED since the cuff was cheaper in Sydney, since our exchange rate RAPES ME.
  • :(
Happy Holidaying!

Oh, go to :) and get the invitation code from FashionSquad- super fun!
and theselby for awesome pics of famous people and their spaces, truly beautiful pics.