Saturday, September 13, 2008

Material Girl

EDIT: THE LEGGINGS CAME and are SEXUAL but the XS is soo small. and its high waisted. so it takes me about 5 Solid minutes to get it over my ass. ... :( but the legs fit fine. i think next time i should obviously go for SMALL. HAHA. but they are SEXUAL.

I need a new wallet. I've had my current wallet for 4 years (obviously I haven't always used it on a regular basis) but it's nearing the end of its days.

And I need new flats.

But I've bought lots of shoes (all for under $28 each- AWESOME: check out It's got lots of shitty hooker-come-hither shoes, and obviously the quality won't be faaaan-tastic, but the prices are fun-tastic, and I was in Myer the other day. SAW these shoes, for AUD$184, but I bought it for US$21. WOO. The shipping costs are ridiculous ($40 for under 150)- but if you average it out, you still make a MASSIVE saving. I bought 6 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of sunnies for around $150- INSANE.

There's alot of hype about I did the same order- 4 times. and each time they rejected me (ie. cancelled my order) because I "didn't give them sufficient identification". WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. Forever21 I'll admit, is massively cheap and has more "fashionable" things, but the drama annoyed me forever..

American Apparel. Also sucks ASS. But I always go back- I can't resist the "Sexuali" singlet and the awesome sales and the leggings and the INTERLOCK MINI SKIRT (which is waaaaay sexual). But I ordered a pair of these maybe 5 months ago, on sale, free shipping, AND THEY SENT ME THE WRONG ONES. I called them IN AMERICAN TIME and they said they would send me replacements. It's been 2 months since that fateful night, and no VEGAS leggings are to be seen!
Ridiculous! BOYS- everything is awesome. JL needs to buy shoes. His birthday is coming up. In a week. SHOES SHOES SHOES. :) PLEASE NOT THESE.

I went shopping with my dad the other day, and I didn't. Buy. ANything. Except for the latest issue of Russh. I just thought everything was too expensive- and I kept on thinking about the list of sites that would sell the same thing for cheaper, much like a mini rolla-dex of online stores. E-commerce has opened my eyes, and now I don't want to buy anything over $50 unless its REALLY special and Australian.

My favourites (in no particular order):
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just before exams :)