Saturday, October 4, 2008


My Favourite Collection for RTW (Ready-To-Wear for Noobs) is BALMAIN. Can I say SEX much? It combines everything that is cool- bandage, black, metal, tie-dye (only cool in monochrome), rips, zips, leather, sexy jewel-tones. GIMME GIMME MORE.

Honourable mentions: YSL, Stella McCartney (Click images for greater detail)
YSL is so sexy. Soft silhouettes with a hint of transparency and fluid shapes.

Stella McCartney is the only person that makes my most hated "safari" theme bearable and lust-worthy.


ally said...

Yes Balmain is "so hot right now"

I'm considering attempting to tie dye my own dress/singlets.

But i recently read a comment somewhere, which really lit up a light for me.

Why is it considered tacky & in poor taste when Versace, D&G or Gucci implement the sexy trashy aspect of fashion?

Double standards in the fashion industry??

never!! *snigger*


love the chopped cutouts.
skills dw. skills