Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beatles

Winter Boots. I've been wanting these for so long- I bought a pair of suede over the knee boots from topshop about 2 months ago and I had to return them (did you know shipping costs 47 dollars to UK)? (WTF) because they were too wide on the calf and just looked retarded in the ankles.

So that's the problem with online shopping (especially for shoes)


HOW SEXY. I want winter boots because it's cold here, and it'll be super cold when I go to Purdue in Winter, so I'm just planning ahead. So should I buy them online? Without trying them on? I SUPER NEED TO SAVE MONEY SHITSTICKS.

Sportsgirl, $219.95 (Same price as the Ellery Joyce dress (not pictured- but search for Kelly Rowland pictures and you'll see her wearing it) that was too big and I need to exchange)

Makes me sad- Money not well spent.
(my 21st is in 4 months guys- HAHA .. just kidding. just kidding)
no really.