Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I'll be jetting off to America mid August for exchange and probably the most exciting thing (besides meeting new people and learning and blah blah blah)..

... is the free shipping and the "Ship only to USA" shops that I'll have my grubby hands on.

What else would I do in a small-town campus on a weekend?

Shop of course!

Here's a preview of what I'll force myself not to get..

Dress: AW $596 from saks.com, Cutout Boot: Colonial Madness $198 from UO.com
(And I know everyone has the sweater and everyone thinks it rocks- it really doesn't rock THAT much- but I want the Anne d lace up BOOTS SO BAD.. and the sweater would be awesome in 10 years as a collectors piece)

Please go to the Blank Label page on FACEBOOK for awesome pics:)

wtf: how nice does this bodysuit make her boobs look!?

Bodysuit: Silence & Noise $28 from UO.com


Sonnie said...

haha that AW thing is an easy DIY job. i'm actually trying to find a large knit sweater @ various op shops so i can snip and stitch.

hot shoes though xx