Friday, June 19, 2009

Chained up.

Do you think this is obscene?! I actually sort of want it.

Onto more exciting news, I sort of what this as well: VINYL WALL DECAL.
Since I'm going to be in a dorm room, I should make it look pretty right? I really really wanted a decal, of a tree. With owls. But it's so ridiculously expensive ($65-$170) and it's not even reusable :(
But I'm already getting a whole bunch of photos together so I can cover a whole wall with photos :) I think I'm gonna make a blog for when I'm on exchange as well- or maybe I'll just put it up here.
Today I put together a pile of items to sell. Basically they're just things that are too big for me (I found a few things that were SIZE 12?!) I must have really liked oversized things back then, or maybe my boobs were too big. HAHAHA.


ally said...

my dutch dorm house wont let me attach anything to the walls. but fk em. im bringing my 'this is anfield' poster.
*pumps fists*