Monday, May 18, 2009

Nights Out- <3

My life in the last 2 weeks (quite image heavy):

Dinner with N, J and E at Neutral Bay: we had jewfish sashimi! I loved the presentation here:

Dinner with E, L, P, D and J @ Ichiban Boshi in Bondi, I thought this was really cute: E and L in <3,>

Dinner with mum and dad @ Red Chilli (the SiChuan place opposite the entertainment centre)
How cool is the menu!

Sale @ the Ellery studio with A! Racks of clothes and tonnes of jeans/studded shorts. Delish!

Dinner with everyone at Churrasco on William- first time that E met everyone :)


ally said...

wow. i'm totally giving the exorcist chick a run for her money. mental!